Fascinating sights in Leipzig

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Leipzig: Immerse yourself in the treasure trove of history and modernity

Leipzig, the vibrant metropolis of Saxony, invites you on a journey through the ages. Majestic buildings from past centuries line the market square, while modern museums and galleries reflect the creativity of the present.


Walk in the footsteps of history and admire the impressive Battle of the Nations Monument, a monument to the Battle of the Nations in 1813. Discover the city's architectural treasures, from the magnificent Renaissance town hall to the late Gothic St. Thomas Church, Johann Sebastian Bach's place of work.

Leipzig is not only a city of the past, but also of modernity. Be inspired by masterpieces of painting and sculpture in the Museum of Fine Arts or immerse yourself in the history of the 20th century in the Forum of Contemporary History.

Visit the Monument to the Battle of the Nations

The Battle of Nations Monument in Leipzig rises majestically 91 meters into the sky. Built between 1913 and 1917, it commemorates the Battle of the Nations in 1813, which heralded the war of liberation against Napoleon. Today it is a memorial for peace and a symbol of German unity. Visitors can climb up to the viewing platform and enjoy a breathtaking view over Leipzig.

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Breathtaking view over the city!

Experience Leipzig from a height of 120 meters! The viewing platform of the Panorama Tower offers an unforgettable view over the entire city and the surrounding area. Enjoy the panoramic view as far as the horizon in good weather and discover Leipzig's sights from a unique perspective.

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Auerbach's cellar

Auerbach's Cellar is a famous restaurant that was built in the 16th century. It is best known for Goethe's Faust, in which the Auerbachs Keller serves as the setting for a scene in the second part of the work.

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